Tuesday, May 1, 2007

It's raining artwork in Tulsa, OK

J Quillian is currently working on a series of paintings titled "Aggravations", which include the daily frustrations of waiting in long lines, customer service, screaming babies, corporate America, and much more!

I have the privilege of working of JQ every day and seeing his work develop and progress. I truly think this series will be his best yet. No plans have been made as to where this series will be unveiled. It is highly unlikely that it will be anywhere in Oklahoma. Perhaps Dallas, Chicago, or even Montreal.

We're currently developing a global artists' coalition, where artists from around the world can come together and collaborate. They will correspond through an interactive website and message board, and with enough funding we hope to be able to pay for the artists' travel expenses to meet and work with the other artists.

And I'll leave you with a fantastic quote by the late Sol LeWitt...

"The artist’s aim is not to instruct the viewer, but to give information, whether the viewer understands the information is incidental to the artist." - Sol LeWitt


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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fun Facts, We Know You've Got 'Em!

Is there a fun fact about J Quillian you can't believe we left out?

It's time to share!

We're calling all friends, acquiantances, enemies, and strangers to recall some of their most memorable JQ stories.

Just post your comment below, or e-mail it to jqart@cox.net


-Carrie (JQ's left handed assistant)