The Protector
Title: The Protector
Size: 66x80" Fifteen 16x20" panels
Medium: Oil on canvas

This reproduction of artist
J Quillian's first polyptych mural traces the history of the Vietnam War through meticulous research and portrayal of the various branches of US military including representations of his service in the United States Coast Guard whom unbeknownst to many patrolled the rivers and coastline of Vietnam.

Having learned the technique of painting in multiple panels (polyptych) from visiting Russian artists in 1988, PROTECTOR became Quillian's first mural.
It was unveiled at a Dallas convention of Vietnam Veterans and brought out an outpouring of emotions from the attendees that has left an impression on Quillian's memory to this day.

This 24 X 36" limited edition signed and numbered lithograph is available for $100.

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