Fun Facts

...Artist J Quillian has lead anything but an ordinary life


  • J Quillian (JQ) first reached the age of reason in the tiny West Texas town of Wink.
  • JQ's first friend was famous Rock & Roll musician Roy Orbison.
  • At age six, JQ flew on the infamous World War II bomber B-29, Enola Gay
  • At the prompting of his father, JQ traveled to Marfa, TX where he saw James Dean urinate in front of the group in 1955
  • James Dean's only living heir Marcus Winslow and JQ share Christmas cards every year. 
  • Booted out of the Benedictine Seminary at age 14 for bootlegging
  • Ostracized by his fellow high school students after winning a national art contest.
  • As his first exploit into his later undergraduate college degree's proponent, JQ was expelled from high school for publishing 1,500 copies of a protest against the school's administration.
  • JQ ignored his draft notice in January 1966.
  • Enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard in February 1966.
  • Honorably discharged seven months later after, sinking a truck; being arrested for drinking under age 38 times; running through a month's per diem money in the galley by having his charge catered; loosing an 82' cutter; filling the base commander's Corvette with diesel; being recommended for discharge by the Navy's psychiatrist nine minutes and getting the base commander's daughter drunk the night before his discharge.
  • JQ told the physician to "take it all out" during his vasectomy at age 23.
  • Married without children three times before age 30.
  • Pronounced DOA on the way to Parkland Hospital in 1973 from a drowning accident.
  • Narrowly missed a mass murder in Dallas, TX by 10 minutes
  • J Quillian's mother, Nell Mitchell was the melody composer of "As Time Goes By"

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